Operation Helgarossa

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Field Marshal fLeidsil’s crisp gate belies her nearly 7 decades of service. Only a slight limp is evident from a half century old shrapnel wound received fighting the fFrench near Metz.

One pace behind follows General Trouser, 30 years her junior. A present day heroine following in the steps of an aging legend. They pass through reinforced doors and enter into an underground conference room.

The field Marshsal’s staff awaits beside a large map table decorated with colored flags. Also attending is General Heinnriette Juggernaut. The Kommandet of the 1st Panzet Armee. Another of the propaganda ministry’s rising stars…

Off to the side stands fFräut fFixen, personal advisor to die Angstchen. General Trouser recognizes her from newspaper photos.

After brief formal introductions, the field Marshal’s staff commences with the presentation.

It’s a well rehearsed affair outlining a major military campaign. Code named Operation HELGAROSSA. The plan details a massive invasion of the United States of Manmerica, scheduled to begin next May. Attack frontages will extend from Sfwitzerland in the north to the Mexican Federal Republic in the south. Axis forces from RoFräuia and Kalifinnlund will assist in the attack. The initial invasion front will exceed 1200 kilometers!…

The blood drains from General Trouser’s face as the briefing begins to detail troop deployments and initial objectives.

"Are they completely mad? They’ve taken her little "map exercise" for a 5 division preemptive raid into Texas and turned it into a vast offensive monstrosity that will consume the efforts of the entire Fräutwehr and Luftkrieg for at least 2 full years… assuming everything proceeds according to plan!"


Alone in Glitchen’s small private office, General Trouser and Fräut fFixen sip coffee.

"I concur that this is a dangerous gamble, but die Angstchen is adamant… so we must all do our best to see it through to a successful conclusion. My main worry is the petrol reserves. Operations on this scale will quickly outpace production."

"I’m a Fräuten Officet, I follow orders– regardless of their merit. I would however like to make a suggestion for you and the other members of the planning staff. Start preparing for a lengthy, two front war…"